Space is still available in late fall classes

October 11, 2020

It’s been such a treat working with all the curious and creative kids in the early fall classes, and I’m already looking forward to the late fall semester!

Late fall classes will start the week of November 2, 2020 and run through mid-December. Many of the sections are full, but some space is available. In particular, for those of you looking to supplement your children’s school-day activities, space is still open in these daytime classes:

Art Explorations for 3-4yrs, Fridays at 10:00am
Art Explorations for 4-5yrs, Tuesdays at 1:00pm
Sculpture for 6-8yrs, Thursdays at 1:00pm
Paper Craft for 9-11yrs, Fridays at 1:00pm

Like the early fall semester, late fall will be a 6-week mini-semester. The catalog includes a wide variety of themes for ages 3 – 14! We have after-school classes as well as mid-day classes for school age kids, for those needing some in-person arts and crafts during a year of remote and hybrid schooling. I have also added a fiber arts class for ages 12-14yrs, which I am very excited about!

Please take a look at the class catalog and register now!

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