Drop-in studio will be closed from May 11 – September 16, to make room for the Summer Program. (Read more.)

Drop-In Studio at Muckykids offers art projects that are adaptable to just about all ages. No prior registration is required; come in during drop-in studio hours and do one of the projects, or roam the tables and do them all! A variety of projects are set up simultaneously and change weekly.

The price is $18 per child per hour, pro-rated for partial hours – stay as long as you’d like! The price includes all materials and there’s no charge for the grown-ups. Discounts are available for siblings and for children under 18 months.

MONDAY » Classes only
TUESDAY » Classes only
WEDNESDAY » Classes only
THURSDAY » Drop-In Studio | 10am – 5pm
FRIDAY » Drop-In Studio | 10am – 5pm
SATURDAY » Drop-In Studio | 10am – 5pm
SUNDAY » Birthday Parties

The Boston Globe ran a nice article about our Drop-in Studio in December 2011. Check it out!

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Drop-In Studio will be closed from May 11 - September 16 for the Summer term.