Register now for early winter classes!

December 10, 2023

All classes for the Early Winter 2024 semester are posted and open for registration!

For the 6-8 year olds we continue our “Art and Craft for Play” classes with a “Paper Craft Edition”. Activities will include making origami puppets and theaters, stuffed paper pets and carriers, rockets with astronauts, ice cream sandwiches and other yummy treats, box bags and accessories, magnetic dioramas, and more.

For the 9-12’s we’ll continue “Collectibles” with a “Fiber Edition.” We will start with fabric artist trading cards (aka ATC’s) and then move on to mini stitched stuffies, macramé key chains, felt flowers, string-wrapped stones, needle felted hearts, and a bit more. Each collectible set will also have a container that we make to carry them in.

The Backyartists are with us again, teaching their Art and Sensory Play classes at Muckykids now covering the age range 18 months – 5 years. Their class listings are at our classes page, but the registration links will take you to the Backyartists’ own signup system.

Please take a look at the class catalog and register now!

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