Muckykids is moving!

May 16, 2019

Dear friends of Muckykids:

It is with much excitement and a big dose of sentimentality that I am announcing the move of Muckykids Art Studio! After nine years of residing at 1776 Mass Ave, we are moving to 2404 Mass Ave, just a mile up to North Cambridge. Our opening date is August 1st.

My current landlord is selling the 1776 Mass Ave space, so the time seems right. As connected as I am to the current space, it has been a daydream of mine to move to a bigger space so as to offer more programming each day.

In the new space, we will offer drop-in studio and classes 6 days a week, simultaneously! Birthday parties will still be on Sundays. Plus we will have adult nights, classes for older kids, and weekend workshops. We can’t wait to switch up the themes of the art classes and explore the art and craft worlds together.

If you’d like to support our move, please join us at our Farewell Fundraiser at the “old” Muckykids Art Studio, 1776 Mass Ave, on Sunday, July 21st from 3:00-5:00. The event is free, and parents and kids both are welcome. While there, consider purchasing a wooden disk to decorate to become part of the new space.

You can also support us via our GoFundMe page. Thank you!


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