Drop-In Studio activities for September 8 – 10

September 7, 2016

Drop-In Studio activities for September 8 – 10: This week we have an ample supply of acorns, thanks to Alex and his family. We are embellishing the acorns (and twigs) with gem stickers, metallic pens, tape, yarn and more. Craft acorn people, a bejeweled acorn necklace, rainbow twigs, and other nature treasures. At the paint table we have bubble wrap and beautiful tile sheets that we are using for printmaking. Paper plate sculpture is on one of the front tables. Cut, fold, bend, connect, decorate… it’s very open ended. On a table near by, you can use bleeding tissue paper to color your plates. Dry them and then sculpt. We also have regular paper for the bleeding tissue. At the sensory table Oobleck is back! :) At the easel wall we have gold and orange liquid watercolors for warm and shimmery paintings. Stamping is on the front bench. Magnetic sculpture is on the back bench. We also have a scale and various objects out for investigation.

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