Drop-In Studio Activities for September 6 – 8

September 5, 2018

Drop-In Activities for September 6 – 8: This week we are making tiaras and crowns… (and headgear?). We’ve saved lots of interesting and colorful paper scraps from a cutting machine – they are perfect for tiara-like jewels. At the paint table we have boxes for rolling golf balls around with paint. The resulting texture is super cool. The easel wall has small pieces of paper for mini-masterpieces, painted with warm colors. Trays with rice, beans, and treasures are paired with bowls, scoops and upcycled plastic bottles for a sound-rich sensory experience. Cap and decorate the bottle with colored tape and take it home as an instrument. We are also crafting pet toys, with a bit of a bias towards cats. Of course, these pet-toy-making supplies can be used to create whatever the artist desires! The sensory table has a fresh batch of blue play dough. And the back bench has the light table set up for shape sorting, letter recognition, and color mixing.

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