Drop-In Studio activities for September 22 – 24

September 21, 2016

Drop-In Studio activities for September 22 – 24: This week we have a neat sculpting activity with styrofoam squiggles, using toothpicks as connectors. If the toothpicks are too sharp, we also have pipe cleaners to use. At the sensory table we are playing with clay. At the paint table we are printing with sponges – lots of different kinds. Another choice is collage with paper, calendars and magazines. Cut out designs and pictures that you like and use glue stick or tape to assemble the collage. The sticky table is open for a fun sensory experience, including sound. Brushes are at the easel. The mail making station is still set up. And we have shape cutters and hole punches on the side bench for some fine motor fun!

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