Drop-In Studio Activities for September 13 – 15

September 12, 2018

Drop-In Activities for September 13 – 15: This week we have a 2D paper craft and a 3D paper craft. The 2D is making laminated ‘stuff’ using decorative papers, stickers, oil pastels, colored pencils, washi tape and more. Make a bookmark, beads, or a treasure – no matter what it’s super cool to laminate! The 3D paper craft is using paper tubes and strips to build interesting structures, held together with paper fasteners, string, tape or yarn. Very open-ended! The paint table has thick and thin paint: tempera paint paired with liquid watercolors. The easel wall has stamps and tempera paint. Another activity is exploring textures with Model Magic, an air-dry modeling dough. Press texture plates into the dough, color with markers, and roll flat with tools. You can also embellish the dough with colored wooden sticks and feathers. The sensory table has slime to play with. And the back bench has rocks, water, and chalk.

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