Drop-In Studio activities for October 8 – 10

October 7, 2015

Drop-In Studio activities for October 8 – 10: This week we have a few Fall inspired activities. The first involves oodles of acorns that we collected… add colored glue plus colored craft sticks and you’ve got the mix for fun and interesting collages! The second Fall activity is color mixing on paper leaves. The results are always gorgeous. At the easel wall we have our Fall themed stamps paired with glitter paint for sparkly imagery. At the back tables, shadow puppet making is set up. Our light projector is up and running for puppet shows! Crafting paper jewelry/pendants is another choice this week. We have a fresh batch of playdough at the sensory table. Draw-and-erase is on the back, shiny bench. And the light table is still on the front bench.

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