Drop-In Studio activities for October 6 – 8

October 5, 2016

Drop-In Studio activities for October 6 – 8: This week we are crafting animal puppets! Choose from fur, felt, animal print papers or feathers to decide what creature you’ll bring to life. The ice cream shop can double as a puppet theater. ☺ We are also building sculptural creations with foam and paper pieces connected with brass fasteners. Make a big one or many mini masterpieces. The tabletop easels are set up with liquid watercolors on one side and water and chalk on the other. Watching the drips is my favorite part – such strait lines gravity can make. The sensory table has Oobleck to play with. The side benches have the light table for ‘dry’ color mixing and construction paper with number stickers. The easel wall has brushes with paint. The paint table has circle printing. And the sticky wall is still in action.

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