Drop-In Studio Activities for October 4 – 6

October 3, 2018

Drop-In Activities for October 4 – 6: This week we are turning acorns into fine jewelry. Decorate them with stickers and washi tape. That alone can be a treasure… or attach it to a string and it’s jewelry! Another activity is sculpting with cornstarch builders and upcycled cardboard corner pieces. The corner shape can be an interesting starting point. At the back tables we have watercolors and oil pastels for a colorful mixed media experience. The paint table has sponge painting. The easel wall, brushes with tempera paint. The sensory table has clay, dinos, tools, and trucks. The front bench has mail making for fun pretend play with literacy. The back bench has optic tools and imagery to explore: a hinged mirror, a magnifying glass, prisms, and a huge block of plexiglass which distorts the images in an unexpected way.

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