Drop-In Studio Activities for October 25 – 27

October 24, 2018

Drop-In Activities for October 25 – 27: We are making shadow puppets this week. With Halloween around the corner, making shadows of monsters and goblins seemed apt, plus it’s one of my favorite activities! At the puppet table there is also color transparency film for color mixing or for adding to your puppets. At the front tables we have supplies for making spooky books and for decorating trick-or-treat bags. The paint table has pumpkins to paint, for a 3D painting experience. (The pumpkins stay at Muckykids:) At the sensory table we are playing with the ever so interesting Oobleck. The easel wall has small brushes with shades of purple to paint with. The front bench has blank stickers paired with Halloween stamps for making themed stickers…. add them to your book or trick-or-treat bag!

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