Drop-In Studio activities for October 13 – 15

October 12, 2016

Drop-In Studio activities for October 13 – 15: This week we are embellishing leaves with metallic markers. It is such a lovely way to interact with leaves and their shapes. We can laminate them, too — an exciting and fun way to preserve them. The collaborative construction corner is no longer an ice cream shop – it is being turned into an airport. In the meantime, on the front tables we are making airplanes with recycle craft. If anyone wants to make signs for the airport, we can do that too. On the sensory table there is a new batch of play dough. On the paint table we are color mixing with liquid watercolors. Brushes are at the easel wall with tempera paint. On the front bench we have wires with cornstarch packing pieces. A nice fine-motor activity. On the back bench the hinged mirrors are set up for reflection and symmetry play, with your own drawings as well as other pictures and paintings.

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