Drop-In Studio activities for Oct 12 – 14

October 11, 2017

Drop-In Studio Activities for October 12 – 14: This week we start our Halloween crafting with mini-puppet making. Design a creepy critter and some other Halloween friends. They are fun to hang as decorations, too. We have two sculpture activities. One is a collaborative piece that stays at the studio and gets added to, using packing peanuts. The other is using pieces of straws, beads and pipe cleaners. It’s fun to try making geometric shapes with corners. The tabletop easels are set up. One side has liquid watercolors, the other has chalk and water. At the paint table we are painting our dinos. The easel wall has big round brushes for hefty strokes. The sensory table has Bubber to play with. The back bench had draw-and-erase.

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