Drop-In Studio activities for November 27 + 28

November 24, 2015

Drop-In Studio activities for November 27 – 28: We’re open Friday and Saturday this week! One of the activities is crafting paper dolls and paper pets… possibly portraits of Thanksgiving guests? ☺ We have two fun painting activities. One is mono printing with finger paint – very satisfying! The other is printing with recycled objects at the easel wall. (Overlapping the colors has a beautiful effect.) At the front tables we have recycle craft mixed with beading! You can make jewelry, craft a hanging mobile, or build a brand new creation. Lots of string, tape, and wire to hold things together. The light table is set up for dry color mixing. Draw and erase is set up on the shiny bench. A new batch of play dough is at the sensory table, combined with dough tools, muffin tins, city buildings, people figures, and colorful faux flowers.

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