Drop-In Studio activities for November 19 – 21

November 18, 2015

Drop-In Studio activities for November 19 – 21: This week we have a few crafts to enhance your Thanksgiving table. We have Fall-themed supplies to make napkin rings, place setting cards, and table decorations. Of course, the supplies may inspire beyond our ideas – always the kiddos bring such unique perspectives on how to use them. ☺ We also have a sculpture-making table with cornstarch builders, colored wood ‘matchsticks’ and pipe cleaner pieces. The sculptures can serve as interesting centerpieces for the dining table. Another activity that might be neat for table decorations (or as a garland) is warm-colored color mixing on paper leaves. At the sensory table we are playing with slime. At the paint table we have pasta, paint and animal figures. Brushes and tempera paint are at the easel wall. Mirror drawing supplies are on the side bench… the simplest scribble turns into an interesting kaleidoscope effect under the hinged mirror. Pompoms, tongs and ice cube trays are on the shiny bench.

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