Drop-In Studio activities for November 12 – 14

November 11, 2015

Drop-In Studio activities for November 12 – 14: This week we are crafting clothespin people… and making beds for them, too. The clothespin people are wooden figures that can be ‘dressed’ with fabric, tape, wires, and markers. The beds are mini boxes that are made cozy with fabrics, cotton balls, decorative papers, stickers, and more. A fun activity for further pretend play at home. We have a new assortment of wallpaper and it has been paired with bold, colorful papers for paper collage. The collage table also has oil pastels for additional color and line. Bubble wrap has been taped onto the paint table. With brushes and rollers it can be painted and prints can be ‘pulled’ when paper is rubbed on top and peeled back. Playdough is at the sensory table along with woodland creatures and items from nature. Shape blocks are on the shiny bench. Letter and shape stamps are on the front bench.

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