Drop-In Studio activities for November 10 – 12

November 9, 2016

Drop-In Studio activities for November 10 – 12: This week we are starting to think about Thanksgiving. One of our related activities is wrapping sticks with yarn, wire and tape, and embellishing with eye-catching craft supplies. These can serve as lovely table decorations, displayed in a vase or lying on the table. We are also crafting place setting cards (or mini fall collages or kindness cards or….). At the paint table there are objects to print with. At the easel, little brushes and warm colors to paint with. We have a table set up with stamps, markers and hole punches… nice and simple. Oobleck is at the sensory table. Pumpkins with hammers and nails are on the side bench, as well as Playshapes. And don’t forget to take a trip in the Muckykids airplane. :)

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