Drop-In Studio activities for Nov 30 – Dec 2

November 29, 2017

Drop-In Studio Activities for November 30 – December 2: This week we kick off our holiday crafting!! At the back tables we are coloring wooden shapes using water and bleeding tissue paper – a beautiful effect. The wooden shapes make for great ornaments or gifts. On one of the front tables we have white air-dry Model Magic paired with colored glue, glitter and festive embellishments. Roll the dough, use a cookie cutter (or free-form it), brush with glue and decorate. Don’t forget to poke a hole for hanging for when it dries. Our tabletop easels are set up with narrow paper and liquid watercolors. When dry, they can be folded into greeting cards. The easel wall has snow-scene printing with white paint onto darker papers – a winter’s night! The paint table has pasta, paint and dinos for a fun & messy sensory experience. The sensory table has space play dough for some good pretend play. The back bench has draw-and-erase for open-ended mark making.

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