Drop-In Studio activities for May 5 – 7

May 4, 2016

Drop-In Studio activities for May 5 – 7: Happy May! And happy Mother’s Day!! This week we are crafting cards and decorative garlands to celebrate mothers and spring. We also have a special Mother’s Day craft using wooden hearts that can be drawn on and added to a beaded necklace – a lovely gift for mama. :) The wooden hearts are part of a tool bench on which you can practice drilling with our kid friendly hand drill. At the beading table we have string, but also bits of wire for making circle charms – an activity created by a Muckykids kid! At the paint table there are neat objects to print with. Three different types of bushes are at the easel wall. The sensory table has our big dinosaurs, alphabet stencils, and tools for playing with slime. And last, but never least, here is a mini recycle craft station set up on the front bench.

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