Drop-In Studio activities for May 28 – 30

May 27, 2015

Drop-In Studio activities for May 28 – 30: This week we are dressing paper dolls…. and dinos, cats, horses and kangaroos! Feathers, fabric, stickers, papers and more turn the paper figures into characters with a story – lots of fun! At another table we are building with cornstarch builders. Build freeform or onto a base. At the paint table we have cookie sheet mono printing set up. At the sensory table, animals and scoops and bowls with oobleck. Bleeding tissue paper and pastels are set up. Adding water to the tissue releases it’s color. You can set up a resist by drawing with the pastels on the base paper first. There are two sensory benches set up – one with color, texture and sound. The other is with magnets and that magical pushing or pulling force between them.

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