Drop-In Studio Activities for May 10 – 12

May 9, 2018

Drop-In Activities for May 10 – 12: This week we have a few activities for Mother’s Day. Of course, we have plenty of supplies for making cards: nice cardstock paper and envelopes, decorative papers, stickers, stamps, markers, fabric flowers, feathers, and more!! For a painted card, we have watercolor paint palettes and oil pastels at the paint table. And we have blank shrinky dink paper for a mini original masterpiece that can be put on a key chain. At the back tables we are stitching into Styrofoam with plastic needles and high contrast yarns. Stitch a few pieces together, create an interesting pattern, or poke holes first and then stitch through those. No matter how you do it, it’s a very satisfying process. The sensory table has fresh pink playdough. The easel wall has brushes and pastel-colored tempera paints. The back bench has play shapes for building and noticing the reflections on the shiny surface.

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