Drop-In Studio Activities for March 8 – 10

March 7, 2018

Drop-In Studio Activities for March 8 – 10: This week we are celebrating Muckykids’ 8th year in business… thanks to all of you! :) Each anniversary I do some of the activities that I had on my very first week of drop-in studio, plus some. The annual activities are: quilting, easel painting, and playing with clay. The quilting is with fusible fabric on felt. You can also add detail with fabric markers. Make a quilted blanket for a stuffed animal, a mini wall hanging, or a fabric bookmark. The clay is at the sensory table along with construction vehicles, tools, and craft sticks. And our easel painting has lots of glitter in it this week! We also have simple bookmaking with collage and stickers, sculpting with cornstarch builders, and color mixing at the paint table. The back bench has magnetic sculpture and the front bench has stamping with animal stamps.

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