Drop-In Studio activities for March 31 – April 2

March 30, 2016

Drop-In Studio activities for March 31 – April 2: This week we have two sculpting activities, one to take home and one that stays at Muckykids. The take home is building hanging sculptures using sticky foam to attach various craft supplies together. The other is the collaborative sculpture that started last week – we are adding to it, and it changes daily! At one of the front tables we’re making paper chains, connecting paper strips with tape to make links. We have a whole rainbow of colors! Paint and greasy crayons are at the easel wall for interesting mixed media art. We have two sensory tables this week. One is a sticky table – so much fun to touch and to arrange various objects on. Play dough, items from nature, wooden people figures, and horse figures are at the other sensory table. Printing with objects is at the paint table. Stamping is on the side bench.

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