Drop-In Studio activities for March 12 – 14

March 11, 2015

Drop-In Studio activities for March 12 – 14: This week we are celebrating 5 years of Muckykids!! Each year we repeat the activities that I offered on the very fist week of Drop-in Studio… At the back tables we are quilt making using fusable fabric and fabric markers. Make a quilt for a doll, a favorite stuffed animal, or to hang on the wall. At the sensory table we have clay to play with. At the paint table we are painting with balls in boxes. Roll the balls around by tipping or shaking the box – fun to watch the tracks make a painting. We have recycle craft out, with a focus on cars… but we all know you can make anything! We’re making nature wands using yarn, wooden beads, colorful tapes, feathers and more. Mail making is set up, as well as the play shapes.

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