Drop-In Studio Activities for June 7 – 9

June 6, 2018

Drop-In Activities for June 7 – 9: This week we have a few Father’s Day activities: card making, building trophies, and decorating stickers that can ‘inscribe’ the base of the trophies. The trophies are a wood and glue activity. Balance various wood pieces and pompoms on a base… how much or how wide can you balance? Which shapes and colors will you use? On the bench next to the trophy table there are golden stickers and blank white stickers – these can be used to decorate the base or to inscribe your Father’s Day message. On the back tables we are doing spin art with simple circuits. At the sensory table we have instant snow to play with. The paint table has printing with objects. The easel wall has super sparkly paint to paint with. And the back bench has bowls full of fresh rose petals for an amazing sensory experience!

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