Drop-In Studio Activities for June 28 – 30

June 27, 2018

Drop-In Activities for June 28 – 30: This week we are making paper wallets, to hold the paper money we are making. This is part of the popsicle shop theme we have going…. we turned our pyramid into the Pyramid Popsicle Shop. Make enough money to buy a lot – it’s hard to choose between all the flavors! On the side bench we have supplies to make even more popsicles. At the back tables we have recycle craft set up, with a focus on making box bags and guitars, tho just about anything can be made at the recycle craft table. :) The sensory table has play dough. The paint table has dinosaurs to paint – a fun 3D painting experience. The easel wall has under-the-sea themed stamps with paint. We also have magnets to play with on the back bench.

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