Drop-In Studio activities for June 23 – 25

June 22, 2016

Drop-In Studio activities for June 23 – 25: This week we are bringing paper pets to life with fabrics, feathers, decorative papers, stickers, and lots of cool pens. Right next to the pets is a recycle craft station – you can make your pet a bed or carrier or car or….. We have a neat sculpture activity using straws, beads and wire. This is inspired by Himmeli, a traditional Finnish craft. (Look it up! It’s super cool and beautiful and intricate.) The straws can be used as segments that are secured with bending the wire that they are strung on. Our hinged mirrors are set up along side paper and markers. Draw an image or simple lines — no matter what it’s interesting to see reflected. At the paint table cars and trucks and trains are out for painting tracks. Brushes are at the easel. Oobleck is at the sensory table. And this is the last week to play in the castle. It’s being transformed into an ice cream shop. Summertime fun!!

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