Drop-In Studio activities for June 22 – 24

June 21, 2017

Drop-In Studio Activities for June 22 – 24: Happy summer everyone!!! This week we are turning boxes into bags. Why not start the season off with a new style :) We also have two very colorful sculpture activities. One is using pipe cleaners, beads and straws. The beads serve as nice corner points in angled creations. Make links, make cubes, make it your own! The other sculpture activity is cornstarch builders. You can build low and long or high, free form or on a base. At the paint table we have a printmaking activity – beautiful and exciting results. The sensory table has a fresh batch of orange play dough. The back bench has lenses, prisms, hinged mirrors, and other optics toys to explore with. The front bench has rocks, chalk and water – a soothing activity. The easel wall has brushes with tempera paint.

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