Drop-In Studio activities for June 15 – 17

June 14, 2017

Drop-In Studio Activities for June 15 – 17: We have more Father’s Day crafting this week. At the back tables we have lots of card making supplies: blank cards and envelopes, stickers, stamps, colorful markers, and trays with shiny collage materials for an especially festive card. :) We also have a key chain making activity using wooden key chain charms and shrinky dinks. Decorate them with permanent markers, embellish with beads and add a key ring – a solid gift for Dad! At the paint table we have ball painting. At the easel wall, brush painting. The sensory table has clay paired with dough tools, construction vehicles, and various bits and pieces to press into the clay, plus sponges for moistening the clay. The front bench has painting rocks with water. The back bench, magnetic sculpture. Our 3D painting activity from the past two weeks is now a gluing activity. Bruch white glue on and embellish with colorful fabric flowers and yarn. Eventually this will be part of our new collaborative construction corner: an ice cream shop.

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