Drop-In Studio Activities for June 14 – 16

June 13, 2018

Drop-In Activities for June 14 – 16: This week we have a few more Father’s Day activities. We’re making cards again, this time with handprint supplies, stickers, stamps, and markers. At the back tables we have supplies for crafting (paper) medals for the “Best Dad” (or anyone else that is special in your life). There are also paper strips for building paper chains – great for Father’s Day decorating. Also in the back, we have a ‘hidden’ activity: making friendship/beaded pins. This activity is hidden because it has sharp pins, so is not age-appropriate for little ones. Just ask a staff member for a bowl with the beads and pins… and enjoy! At the paint table you can paint with liquid watercolors. We also have a sculpture activity with air-dry clay. Shape the clay, press supplies into the clay, and enjoy the soft texture. The back bench has brushing rocks with water – very soothing. The sensory table has slime to play with. The front bench has hinged mirrors to manipulate imagery with.

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