Drop-In Studio Activities for July 26 – 28

July 25, 2018

Drop-In Activities for July 26 – 28: We have a very colorful and dynamic printmaking activity, using tile sheets and wooden punch-out sheets. Experiment with overprinting – it’s really fun! This week at the back tables we are beading. We have supplies for making key chains, as well as jewelry. Very relaxing! The sensory table has Oobleck to play with, paired with scoops, bowls, and animal figures. The back bench has a mini version of last week’s sculpting activity – constructing with straws, paper plate pieces, wires, tape and more. The easel wall has liquid watercolors to paint with. We are also making books and paper compositions with decorative papers, blank paper, stickers, lots of rubber stamps, tape, glue and markers. The front bench has wooden craft sticks, feathers, tape, and stickers for making popsicles for the Pyramid Popsicle Shop (or any other creation that emerges from those supplies!!).

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