Drop-In Studio activities for July 21 – 23

July 20, 2016

Drop-In Studio activities for July 21 – 23: This week we are capturing summer’s sun by making laminated sun catchers! Play with overlapping translucent tissue papers, transparent color films, and iridescent cellophane. Held together with lamination, they are lovely on a window. At the paint table we are color mixing with liquid watercolors – as the colors run together and mix it is similar to the sun catchers, but more organic. We are crafting hanging sculptures and mobiles. Build mini sculptures with stickers and craft supplies, hang from a string or rod and presto!! At the sensory table we have oobleck to play with. On the side benches we have magnet play and making supplies for the ice cream shop. Brushes at the easel wall. And draw-and-erase on one of the front tables.

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