Drop-In Studio activities for January 8 – 10

January 7, 2015

Drop-In Studio activities for January 8 – 10: This week we are making sticky mosaics. Peel a big piece of sticky foam and choose from lots of goodies to fill your mosaic – maybe they can be I Spy mosaics! Our glue project is cupcake making. Yum! We also have a sculpture/lacing activity. With holes punched out of paper plates, you can thread string or wires through, adding beads along the way. The sculptures are nice to hang, that way it can be seen from all sides. At the paint table there are all sorts of tubes glued down – paint in them, on them, and around them for 3D painting. There are liquid watercolors at the easel, slime at the sensory table, and ‘draw and erase’ on the side bench.

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