Drop-In Studio activities for January 5 – 7

January 4, 2017

Drop-In Studio Activities for January 5 – 7: Happy New Year! This week we are making pendants. Start with a wooden or paper base and start embellishing. On the front tables we are crafting with paper tube and cup bases that can be transformed with cool stickers, streamers, and tape – simple supplies for detailed pieces of 3D art work. The easel wall has small brushes with tempera paint. The paint table has mono printing… paint a flat tray, draw into the paint with your fingers, rub a sheet of paper on top, pull back paper and there’s your print! The sensory table has play dough with small blocks, nature, and trucks. The front bench has rocks for temporary sculpture and for brushing with water. The back bench has lenses, prisms, mirrors, and magnifying glasses – interesting explorations!

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