Drop-In Studio Activities for January 5 – 6

January 3, 2018

We are open! Come get cozy at the studio. :)

Drop-In Studio Activities for January 5 – 6: Happy New Year :) This week we start the year off by crafting furry friends. These friends can be puppets, animals that can be added to a block set, or simply rest on a shelf as an object of craft. At the back tables we are printmaking! Make a printing block by drawing into dense Styrofoam. Once your design is carved you can make prints using traditional printmaking supplies: rubber brayers, inking plates, and block printing ink. Make a printed series! This week we are also making paper chains with simple supplies: colored paper strips, hole punches, paper fasteners, and tape. The paint table has animal figures and boxes to paint, for a 3D painting experience. The easel wall has liquid watercolors. The back bench has the light table to play with. And the sensory table has cornstarch and water, otherwise known as Oobleck.

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