Drop-In Studio activities for January 28 – 30

January 27, 2016

Drop-In Studio activities for January 28 – 30: This week we are making wallpaper pouches. Using wallpaper samples as the pouch material, you can then embellish with stickers, colored tape, washi tape, and add a handle if desired. We are also crafting nature wands – a beautiful, tactile activity with sticks and lots of yarn to choose from. Plus beads, wood pieces, faux flowers, and tapes to add magic touches. At the paint table the mono print trays are set up. Paint the tray, draw lines with your finger or a tool, cover with paper, rub and check out your amazing print!! Liquid watercolors are at the easel. Oobleck is at the sensory table with animal figures, scoops and little bowls. Other activities include: making mail, hammering into styrofoam, magnetic sculpture, play in the castle, and a color sorting game with pompoms.

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