Drop-In Studio activities for January 15 – 17

January 14, 2015

Drop-In Studio activities for January 15 – 17: This week we are making books. Bind pages with wire, string, tape, or paper fasteners. Then decorate with stickers, drawings, collage, and magazine cut outs. We also have a fun sculpture activity using foam, wires, beads, and various other decorative supplies. At the sensory table we have play dough and items from nature. Printing is at the paint table. Brushes are at the easel with warm colors to paint with (visions of warm, sunny days:). Our collection of rocks is out – you can stack them, brush them with water, and draw on them with chalk. Drawing on wooden tops is another activity. Draw directly on the top and then decorate additional pieces of paper to have interchangeable designs. It’s neat to see how different the designs looks while in motion. Mail making is also set up. Our cardboard mailbox is hungry…

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