Drop-In Studio activities for February 23 – 25

February 22, 2017

Drop-In Studio Activities for February 23 – 25: This week we are making books! We have plenty of supplies to fill your bound pages: stickers, collage materials, magazines, stamps, tapes and even color transparencies for peek-a-boo covers. At the paint table we have bleeding tissue paper paired with oil pastels for a beautiful, colorful effect. The back table has spin art with simple circuits. There are 5volt motors powered by hand cranks or 9volt batteries – close the circuit and the motor spins a piece of paper. Draw on it while it’s spinning or before you put it on the motor shaft. A very dynamic activity! Make lots of pieces and string them together as a garland! The back bench has prisms, mirrors and magnification for optic explorations. The sensory table has play dough, people figures, dinos, and dough tools. At the easel wall there is a printing activity.

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