Drop-In Studio activities for February 19 – 21

February 18, 2015

Drop-In Studio activities for February 19 – 21: This week we are crafting wood and paper charms. Using glue sticks to adhere decorations, these charms dry quickly and are ready to wear! We have a fun printing activity: cookie sheet mono prints. Brush paint on the tray, draw into paint with a cotton swab (or fingers:), rub a piece of paper on top and “pull a print”. At the painting easel we’re painting with white sparkly paint onto dark paper – a pretty effect. Also this week, we are making cat toys!! Using fuzzy fabrics, feathers, crinkly paper, ribbons, yarn and more build a cat toy – a hanging toy or one that you throw. With the same, lightweight supplies, you can choose to make a mobile by stringing things to a dowel – trying to make it balanced can be an interesting challenge. At the sensory table we have cloud dough to play with. Magnet play is set up, as well as a mini mail-making station next to our mailbox. The color sort game is set up, too.

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