Drop-In Studio activities for February 16 – 18

February 15, 2017

Drop-In Studio Activities for February 16 – 18: This week we have needlepoint set up on the back tables. Using plastic mesh as a surface, a blunt tapestry needle can be used to stitch yarn. Or we have a waxed cotton cord that be stitched without a needle. We have glue collage on one of the front tables. Also, we are connecting wooden craft sticks with colored masking tape to make decorative creations. Color the sticks with markers for an added embellishment! The paint table has pasta, paint, whales, and cooking tongs for a fun sensory painting experience. The sensory table has Bubber to play with. We have our large snowflake stamps out along with some smaller animal stamps – make a story scene. Brushes are at the easel wall. Play Shapes are out for building with.

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