Drop-In Studio activities for Dec 14 – 16

December 13, 2017

Drop-In Studio Activities for December 14 – 16: This week we have a favorite holiday activity – filling plastic ornament balls with festive craft supplies. So satisfying and successful… and they make great gifts for the grandparents! We are also crafting ornaments using upcycled laminate samples, paper circles, stickers, fun strings and wires, beads, bells, and colored tape. At the same table we have supplies for making gift tags. The paint table has printing and painting with brayers. The sensory table has instant snow to play with, along with artic animal figures. The easel wall has brushes and tempera paint. The back bench has the tool bench with wooden hammers, golf tees and dense foam for hammering practice. On the front bench you can glue colorful letters onto paper strips.

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