Drop-In Studio activities for August 24 – 26

August 23, 2017

Drop-In Studio Activities for August 24 – 26: This week we are crafting clothespin people. Design outfits, decorate with tape, add hair, make sets of friends, or self-portraits! At the front tables we have mail making and a sculpture activity. The mailbox is in the Muckykids city. Make mail for your clothespin friends or others. The sculpture activity is using a foam base and adding wires with embellishments – a very colorful and lively activity. At the paint table we’re printing with bubble wrap. The easel wall has liquid watercolors for painting with primary colors. The sensory table has a new batch of slime and dinos to play with. The front bench has rocks with water for a soothing experience. The back bench has wooden hammers and golf tees to hammer into foam blocks – less soothing, but very satisfying. :)

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