Drop-In Studio activities for August 20 – 22

August 19, 2015

Drop-In Studio activities for August 20 – 22: This week we are building boats and making maps! The boats can be decorated with papers, stickers, and markers and rigged with upcycled odds and ends. You can also make a captain and crew with wooden figures. The maps are made with drafting tools, pencils, texture plates, markers, stickers, and lots of imagination. :) At the back tables we are making duck tape bracelets. Decorate the sticky side with fabric, gems, paper letters, and more. The clasp can be made with velcro or a tape closure. At the sensory table we have lots of melting ice, some of which is colored and some of which has nature frozen inside. At the paint table watercolor pallets and oil pastels are set up. We have an optics activity using mirrors, lenses, prisms, flashlights and more – great for exploration and discovery!! Gluey creations are being made on jumbo craft sticks, with flowers, pompoms, animal shapes and glitter to decorate with.

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