Drop-In Studio Activities for August 16 – 18

August 15, 2018

Drop-In Activities for August 16 – 18: This week we are making ‘quilted’ blankets and capes for our beloved stuffed animals… or simply pieces of fabric art. Using felt or cotton as a base, arrange colorful fusible fabric pieces and we will iron them on for you. You can also embellish and add detail with fabric markers. We have two building activities, of sorts. One dry and one wet. With upcycled Styrofoam pieces, you can attach interesting bits and pieces with wires, which poke into the Styrofoam beautifully. The other is using white glue to attach twigs and wooden craft sticks to a cardboard base. The sensory table has Oobleck for an interesting sensory experience. The paint table has stamping with objects. The easel wall has tempera paint and brushes. On the back bench the Play Shapes block set is out – check out the reflections! The front bench has paper, markers, stickers, stamps, and tape.

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