Drop-In Studio activities for Aug 31 – Sep 2

August 30, 2017

Drop-In Activities for August 31 – September 2: This week we are catching the last rays of summer by crafting sun catchers. Using ModPodge and papers that are transparent and translucent you can cover a clear plastic base, overlapping colors and making new colors. At the front tables we have sticky foam wands/puppets and making paper chains. On the paper chain table there are paper strips in all sorts of colors and patterns paired with colored tape, markers, stickers, hole punches and paper fasteners – way more than a paper chain can be created! :) The paint table has cars, trucks and trains to paint with. The sensory table has Oobleck to play with. On the back bench we have a mail making station. Tempera paint and brushes are at the easel wall.

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