Drop-In Studio activities for April 30 – May 2

April 29, 2015

Drop-In Studio activities for April 30 – May 2: This week we are bringing in the month of May with sun catchers. We have lots of upcycled lids to be decorated with translucent and reflective craft supplies: tissue papers, silver paper, iridescent ribbons, colored letters, mosaic shapes, and more. Another nod to May…. we are making books with spring themed stickers, stamps, collage images, and paper fasteners. We have a very open-ended craft with straws, stickers, beads, tape, string, and a few other supplies – I look forward to seeing what gets created! At the paint table we are ball painting. At the sensory table play dough is paired with dollhouse furniture and people figures. Play shapes and magnet play are at the side benches.

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