Drop-In Studio activities for April 28 – 30

April 27, 2016

Drop-In Studio activities for April 28 – 30: This week we have a Mother’s Day activity, which is making medals and badges. What mother doesn’t deserve a medal?! Not to mention a custom made one. We have two sculpting activities this week. One uses foam bases that can be pierced with wires and embellished with colorful beads and other craft supplies with holes. The other sculpting activity is one that stays at Muckykids using our rock collection for temporary rock sculptures. Brush on water and the rocks glisten with the lights reflecting on them. Beautiful and worth photographing! At the paint table color mixing with liquid watercolors is set up. We are printing with objects at the easel. “Baking” with playdough is at the sensory table. On the side benches we have draw and erase, plus the light table.

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