Drop-In Studio activities for April 16 – 18

April 15, 2015

Drop-In Studio activities for April 16 – 18: This week we are making laminated bookmarks/collages. With spring-inspired colors and shapes, glue or tape down a mini composition and we’ll laminate it for you. It can also be worn as a pendant, or used as a backpack charm, turned into a….. you get the idea! :) At the paint table we have watercolor pallets and oil pastels for resist paintings. Stamping with tempera paint is at the easel. Colored glue and lots of craft supplies are ready to be turned into vibrant glue collages. We are also making rice and bean shakers. Slime is at the sensory table with dough tools and the big dinosaurs. Draw-and-erase is set up on the shiny bench.

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