Drop-In activities for October 3 – 5

October 2, 2013

Drop-In Studio activities for October 3 – 5: This week we’re crafting books and making mail. At the back tables there is a variety of papers, rubber stamps, colored pencils, paper fasteners, stickers and more for bookmaking. Next to our huge cardboard mail box there is a mini mail station for ‘sending’ letters. At the paint table our collections of stones is out. Paint them with water and watch them get dark and shiny — very soothing activity. At the sensory table Bubber is back! Squeeze it, mold it, smooth it out. It has a fascinating texture! We also have beading, making sculptures with wire and foam, sensory balloons to explore, and a sticky table with recycled objects to arrange. Last, but definitely not least, paint using golf balls dipped in paint. We have a huge, shallow box to roll them around in.

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